Sony reveals 4K RXO II

Miniature camera features a flip screen and 1-inch sensor

RX0 II handheld video
RX0 II stabilisation makes for better handheld video

Sony has announced a major update to its RX0 mini camera range.

The Cybershot RX0 II adds internal 4K recording and a flip screen to the 1-inch sensor and ruggedised, waterproof housing of the original model. The RX0 II also adds Sony’s Eye AF focus technology.

The new camera is still based around an f4 Zeiss lens, giving a 35mm equivalent field of view of 24mm – the actual focal length is 7.9mm. But the body is now slightly larger, to support the tilting “selfie” screen. The monitor can also tilt 90 degrees downwards, for viewing overhead shots.

Sony’s specification for the RXO II include waterproofing to 10 metres, and the camera is shockproof to two meters, and can withstand 200kg of weight.

For video, the camera is capable of up to 1000fps, if used with a Class 10 or better micro SDXC or SDHD card. Internal 4K video uses the XACV-S format, with SLog-2 support, and the camera keeps its clean HDMI output. Full HD video is up to 120fps.

There is also a mic input, and the camera works with the VCT-SGR1 Shooting Grip for handheld filming. The RX0 II also has electronic image stabilisation. Clear Image Zoom gives a 1.5x focal length multiple in 4K, and 2x in HD.

Sony has retained the wired and wireless multi-camera control options from the earlier model. The camera goes on sale in May, and is expected to cost around the same as the original RX0, with a list price of £800. This brings the Sony in at a significant premium to GoPro’s Hero 7 Black, which sells for £379.99 in the UK.

One of Sony’s promotional videos for the new RX0 II