Sony updates pro broadcast monitor range with LMD-A series screens

HD monitors

Sony LMD-A170
Field portable HD: Sony’s new LMD-A screens can run off DC power. Picture: Sony
Sony has announced it is producing a new lightweight and lower-cost range of LCD-based broadcast monitors. The company is positioning the screens, known as the LMD-A range, as an alternative to its PVM-A lineup of OLED screens released last Autumn.

The company claims that the LCD monitors are lighter and approximately 30 per cent less deep than other full HD screens with comparable screen sizes. This makes the LMD-A series suitable for field or installation use, as well as for studio set ups.

The LMD-A and PVM-A series monitors share the same design and user interfaces, but the LCD models can use DC power, so they can also be used outside.

The screens support in-montor display (IMD) for source monitoring, as well as high-speed source switching. The screens have tally lights, vector scope, waveform, audio level and camera focus monitoring, as well as an on-screen tally light.

Connections are via a two-in, two-out SDI connection enabling multi-source monitoring and daisy-chaining of screens.

Sony will start to sell the 22-inch LMD-A220 in February, with the 17 and 24-inch models going on sale in March.