Sound Devices launches 633 field recorder-mixer

Field recorders

Sound Devices 633
Sound Devices’ 633 field recorder and mixer. Picture: Sound Devices.
Field recorder and portable mixer maker, Sound Devices, has launched the 633, a six-input, 10-track field mixer and recorder.

The recorder-mixer mirrors the traditional, ENG-style field mixer design of other Sound Devices mixers, and those from competitors such as SQN and Shure. The device is designed for easy field operation, with front-panel controls and display, and side-mounted inputs and outputs.

The 633 features three full-sized mic-level XLR inputs, with a further three line-level inputs on mini-XLR connections. The mic inputs feature phantom powerm limiters, a high-pass filter and panning. There is also a digital, AES42 input.

Outputs include XLR mic and line level connections, as well as a connection for unbalanced stereo, and a separate headphone output. The 633 can also assign up to four auxiliary outputs.

For recording, the Sound Devices 633 can capture audio from the mic and line inputs, plus the left-right audio outs and aux 1-2. This allows maximum flexibility in the field: the mixer can record each mic or line input as an isochannel, and record both a master mix and an alternative mix internally.

Recording can be set up to 192kHz WAV, or MP3; there is also an option of recording timecode-stamped MP3 files. The recorder features both SD and CF card slots, which can be used together or independently. The 633 runs timecode, and can act as a timecode generator, or read timecode from other equipment.

To support full-day recording, the 633 can run off external DC power, lithium batteries or six, AA cells. A PowerSafe circuit gives 10 seconds to save files, if the batteries run out.

The Sound Devices 633 is expected to have a US street price of $3095. It is also available as a kit, with connecting cables and a custom, PortaBrace bag.

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