Sound Devices launches Video Devices PIX-E 4K recorders

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VideoDevices' PIX-E7
VideoDevices’ PIX-E7 records ProRes 4444 XQ at up to 4K. Picture: SoundDevices

Sound Devices has launched three new PIX video recorders and monitors, as part of its Video Devices brand.

The PIX-E5, E5H and PIX-E7 will all record up to 4K video, and up to ProRes 4444 XQ in 12-bit colour.

The PIX-E5 models are based around a 5-inch, 441ppi screen. The PIX-E5H is the entry-level unit in the new lineup, featuring up to ProRes HQ 422 recording, and an HDMI only input. Recording is up to 24fps in cinema 4K mode, 30fps in UHD, and up to 60fps in HD (720p, 1080i or 1080p).

The next model up, the PIX-E5, adds an SDI interface as well as HDMI, and recording at up to ProRes 4444 XQ. The PIX-E7 has the same functions as the E5, but with a larger, seven-inch screen.

Recording is to mSATA drives, which mount in a custom enclosure that VideoDevices calls the SpeedDrive. This also works as a USB 3 drive for quick offload of material for editing.

For monitoring, the PIX-E recorders come with a waveform monitor, vectorscope, peaking and zebras, and false colour as well as support for LUTs. The recorders also have a feature called TapZoom, which allows operators to expand the screen 2x or 4x, for accurate focusing.

The new recorders are, though, more focused on video than audio. As standard, the PIX-E line up features just two, unbalanced 3.5mm audio inputs and a headphone output, although the recorders also support two channels of HDMI audio and eight channels of SDI audio.

Unlike the earlier PIX 220 and 240 models there are no XLR inputs or timecode inputs and outputs. Pro-audio inputs have to be connected via an accessory interface, the PIX-LR. The add-on has its own pre-amps, and also includes audio meters, and separate gain and transport controls. The PIX-E recorders do, though, support timecode over SDI and HDMI.

Pricing for the range starts at around US$1200, for the PIX-EH.