Tascam updates DR-60D recorder to mkII

Updated: the new DR60DmkII. Picture: Tascam.
Tascam has announced an update to its dedicated DSLR audio recorder, the DR-60D. The new DR-60DmkII is based around a new microphone preamp, which is capable of up to +64dB of gain.

The DR-60D was designed originally as an alternative to XLR to minijack adapters for stills cameras or camcorders lacking professional inputs, and to dual-system recording using an external sound recorder.

The DR-60D features two XLR inputs, a stereo minijack input for a radio mic receiver or a video mic, and a dedicated, mic-level camera feed for recording sync tracks.

The new version uses two Tascam HDDA mic preamps for the XLR inputs, and analogue to digital converter circuits, similar to the version used in the DR-40 portable recorder.

The device records to either WAV or BWAV files, and supports four-channel recording: separate channels for each XLR, and left and right channels for the stereo minijack input. The DR-60DmkII supports up to 32GB memory cards, and monitoring is via both line and headphone level outputs.

As well as four channel recording, the DR60DmkII can record two sets of dual tracks, one at an optimum level and a lower-level safety track, to avoid clipping.

The DR-60DmkII is similar in design to the previous model, but is set apart by red handles on the rear of the unit.