PR Information

We are always happy to receive press releases relevant to our target audience.

Please email them, as text within the body of the email – not as an attachment.

Embargoes are always respected.

Please also don’t send large images, videos etc. until we’ve spoken to you about it.

Please also do not send unsolicited products for review. If you’re daft enough to do this, we take no responsibility for them and are not obliged to return them. Please please contact the editor to discuss review loans in advance!

Future Reports

If you would like us to review your product, please contact us to discuss arrangements.

In addition we are planning the following reports:

Q4 2013: Consumer camcorders for video reporting

Q4 2013: Entry-level DSLRs for video

Q4 2013: Video production using cinematic camcorders

Q1 2014: Smart phones for video and audio production

Q1 2014: CES report/NAB previews

Please note this schedule is provisional and subject to change.

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