Video feature: low-cost camera rigs for video and film making

On test: a range of lower-cost DSLR rigs
On test: a range of lower-cost DSLR rigs

A DSLR rig or rails system is rightly a popular accessory for film makers, especially for handheld shooting.

And adding a rig makes it easier to add accessories to a camera, including a matte box or a follow focus, and to mount additional equipment, from sound recorders to electronic viewfinders.

But, in a market where a fully-fledged rig system can cost as much as a full-frame camera, is it possible to pick one that works well, but doesn’t dent the budget?

In this video, Audio Video Pro looks at three simple rig systems, all priced at around £60 or $100, as well as matte boxes and follow focus gears. Lightweight and compact, they are ideal for lighter cameras such as the Panasonic GH4 or Blackmagic Design’s Pocket Cinema Camera.

All the equipment featured is compatible with industry-standard 15mm rails, so connectors, components and accessories can be swapped around easily. This lets film makers start with a basic rig and build it up, or even to create rigs for the demands of different projects or shooting days.

It also protects your investment, as parts can be swapped between rigs or added to: metal rails can be replaced by carbon fibre to save weight, or higher-quality parts changed for more expensive components as the budget allows.

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