Video review: Canon Legria Mini X

Handheld recorders

Canon's LEGRIA Mini X recorder.
Sound and vision: Canon’s LEGRIA Mini X recorder. Picture: Canon

Canon’s LEGRIA mini x is one of a small, but growing, band of portable audio recorders, which also capture video.

Aimed first and foremost at musicians, these devices, including Sony’s HDR-MV1, the Zoom Q4, and Olympus LS-20, reviewed here, emphasise portability and audio recording functions, over their video performance.

In essence, these devices are an upgrade, or a step up, from the digital audio “notebooks” favoured by musicians for writing music or capturing rehearsals and demos, and by educators and students for taping lectures, as well as by journalists and others for recording interviews and meetings. Adding rudimentary video to these recorders – as Olympus did with the LS-20 – increases their usefulness, but is unlikely to dent sales of professional camcorders or DSLRs.

Canon, though, identified another market, when it launched its first Legria Mini, back in 2013: video blogging, social video, or video “selfies”. The first Mini was labelled as a “social video camera”, and the Mini X, as a selfie cam. Put simply, these are inexpensive, portable recorders that are designed to be easy for a single person to use, and come with plenty of connectivity options.

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