Welcome to Audio Video Pro

Welcome to this blog. This site aims to cover equipment, techniques, and ideas for journalists covering their stories using audio and video.

There are some very good web sites for film makers, especially from the DSLR user community, and some good sites aimed at photojournalists and broadcast camera operators (please see the Links for some examples). But there are fewer resources aimed at the journalist tasked with producing a multi-media report, or adding broadcast content to a written story on the web.

This blog hopes to fill some of these gaps, through a mixture of equipment reviews, field tests, technique articles and examples from people who — in the entirely fallible view of the editor — are producing cutting-edge work.

The site is designed to appeal to reporters and journalists, but also commissioning editors, producers, and website managers, as well as camera and sound specialsts. Company communications managers and PR officers might also find some useful content here.

It will cover commissioning and planning, as well as post production, encoding and hosting for podcasts, video reports, set piece interviews, pieces to camera, packages and remote reports.

The emphasis is not specifically on low-budget kit or low-budget productions, although budgets for web-based video and audio are usually much lower than for network television; the deadlines, though, are not always more forgiving. So the site will be as much about doing as good a job as possible given time, budget, skills and kit as it is about “doing more for less”.

About the editor

This blog has been created by Stephen Pritchard, a journalist, producer and media trainer. Stephen has worked as a journalist for over 20 years. In that time he has produced audio and video reports for a range of outlets including AOL, MSN, the BBC, Reed Business Information, Dennis Publishing and the Financial Times.

He is currently producer and presenter for the Financial Times’ Connected Business podcast and is managing editor of online business and technology magazine The Kernel, where he oversees all audio-visual content. He undertakes both editorial and corporate commissions.

A note of thanks

Much of the inspiration for this site came from Philip Bloom and Dan Chung, both fine practitioners of the art of film making, and experts on the technology that is making quality work more accessible to all. Expect to see links to their in-depth reviews and tests on this site in the future. Thank you both.